A professionally designed business website is an imperative for any business. You have to be careful because your website is your window to show case your business to the world. The all important first impression happens in the first few seconds.

And a website which does not get listed higher up in the search results is as bad as not having a website at all. This can be ensured only through professional search engine optimization technologists, which we have in plenty.

To have an effective web presence and derive maximum benefit from your website we offer the following services :

  • Professional custom website design and development.
  • Content writing to communicate your offerings effectively.
  • Search engine optimization to show your website higher in the search list.
  • Hosting in professional servers and maintenance for high uptime.
  • SEO Services to get the best out of social media for your brand and company.
  • Advisory service for paid advertising in the popular search engines to increase your brand visibility in the
    digital world.
  • Developing on line shopping carts so you could sell your products to world wide customers 24 / 7.

With professional web design we help you to :

  • Create an impressive web presence to market your products and services.
  • Establish credibility through professional online appearance for your products, which can be viewed on any
    device conveniently, any time, from anywhere.
  • Keep your business open to the prospects the world over 24/7/365.
  • Promote your products and services, and provide comprehensive information that the customer will be looking for.

With Search Engine Optimization Services :

  • Rank above your competitors in search results.
  • Get your advertisements visible to the right audience.
  • Track your results with our elaborate reports.

With Social media leveraging Services:

  • Get talked about.
  • Communicate with your customers and prospects.
  • Unite your customers into a loyal community of fans and admirers.
  • Reach out to customers and engage them on a personal level.
  • Reply to customer questions, clear doubts and respond to compliments and complaints.
  • Enlarge your audience through your customer’s “Friend” networks.

We, a full service seo company at AGT, are passionate about offering you these digital marketing services as an extension of your marketing team. Come let us grow together.